Hey I’m Jane, a happy soul and a true believer in the flow of life. I love sharing my passion for yoga and positive vibes with others, to see students glow and feel in a good place within themselves. 

My approach to yoga draws influence from study in Germany, Indonesia, Australia and India. Here I have in depth experience with modern and classical perspectives on movements and alignment. These experiences have informed my own style to be diverse and adaptable taking the best from both worlds.
As a continual student, I believe that the journey of yoga is never ending, and to be a good teacher, you must remain a practitioner. It is only through my own continued practice, study, and learning from the experiences of my students, that I can now share yoga effectively.

My goal as a teacher is to take my students on a journey, escaping daily life to explore something real. To encourage them to call the attention back on body and mind to strengthen their practice, acceptance and self-love on and off the matt. I want to make people feel good with what I do, and to share my experience. 



In teaching I believe it’s important to provide options with the student’s needs in mind, to ensure those of all levels and abilities have something to work on.

The yoga I teach is based on smart sequencing, safety and is to enjoy. Whether it’s Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin or any other style needed, I can tailor a safe, fun class for all situations.

The classes I teach can be offered as drop ins, one on one privates, and even workshops, all formatted for the situation at hand. As you already know, teaching a group of 5 needs a different approach to teaching a group of 25, and that’s why all classes are adapted to the students who arrive, and the style on offer.



Beyond that my experience as a digital advertising project manager in Germany, as well as organising and coordinating retreats and teacher trainings for Stefan Camilleri Yoga can be of use. I have the back line experience to help your yoga business grow. Experience with web design, retreat organisation, event co-ordination and booking management, as well as planning and managing social media campaigns are all useful skills for a growing businesses in this sector.



The rest of 2019 I will be in beautiful Sri Lanka.

November 3rd - 24th assisting Stefan Camilleri’s 200hr Yoga Teacher Training

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